I read a pretty cool Zodac vs. Hordak (turns out they’re brothers) comic book today by Keith Giffen. It put me in a nostalgic mood, so I drew this loose sketch:
Then I tightened up the drawing a little:
Here’s the finished, inked drawing:
If you’d like to buy this “Cosmic Badass” drawing, it’s $200.00 USD. It’s drawn in ink and pencil on 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock. Click the “buy now” button below to purchase.

Zodac always struck me as an odd character. Is that a beard or a chin strap? Even as a kid, it was obvious that there was some Frankensteinian mixing and matching going on. A lot of this stuff made more sense on Skeletor or Stratos. He was described as an “Evil Cosmic Enforcer” but on the cartoon he was aloof, but nice. Good guy? Bad guy? Zodac? Zodiac?Just throw out a bunch of random character traits and let the kids sort it out for themselves.

The characters Zodac and Masters of the Universe are tm and copyright Mattel