This is a project I get asked about a lot, strangely enough. Just before Godland, there were a half-dozen different projects I was working on, this being one of them. At that time, I really wanted to be Jack Kirby. Working on one or two different comics wasn’t enough, I wanted to draw a whole line of comics. There’s that lesson of knowing your limits that I hadn’t heard yet.

Zombie Kamikaze was a script that Scott Mills sent me. I loved it, and at the time I was looking to work with other writers, trying to work on material that was outside of my voice. This was a script that appealed to me. It was action-packed. Another thing that appealed to me about it was that I saw it as a way of working on a comic in a genre that Kirby hadn’t tackled, which is a hard thing to find.

Once Godland started taking off, I soon learned that you can’t do everything. I had to drop a couple of the projects I’d been working on. ZK was a tough one to drop, it had so much going for it. What helped is that I’m not really a fan of the Zombie genre, so drawing page after page of it wasn’t fun the way drawing cosmic spacescapes is for me. Another thing, which is funny in retrospect, is at the time I thought “this Zombie comics fad isn’t going to last.” There’ve been several points since then where the zombie genre in comics has gone up and down, but it seems to me it’s definitely here to stay. The other factor for me was that when I started ZK, I hadn’t read “The Walking Dead” before. Once I read TWD, I realized, this is the ultimate zombie comic. It’s so good, how could I ever compete with this? So that’s where ZK stands as of now. I still feel that maybe at some point I’ll come back to it, but there are a lot of other projects that are higher up on my to do list.